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Wire rope electric hoist maintenance matters
Time:2017-11-24 16:20 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist

wire rope electric hoist

(1) Should check the wire rope electric hoist surrounding environment before use to ensure that no obstructions.
(2) The wire rope electric hoist shall not be side hanging heavy objects, prohibit overload.
(3) In the process of using, the operator should always check whether the wire rope is chaotic buckling, knotting, dropping groove, wear and so on. If found, should be ruled out promptly and should be constantly checked the rope guider and limit switch whether it is safe and reliable.
(4) In the daily work, can not use limit swicth to stop hoist lifting or trolley operation.
(5) After the work, turn off the main power switch, cut off the main power.
(6) Dedicated maintenance personnel should check the main performance and safety status of the wire rope electric hoist once a week, find out and remove in time.
(7) The brake ring on the motor fan brake wheel should not be stained with grease, the adjusting nut should be tightened to avoid accident due to brake failure.
(8) The wire rope electric hoist lubrication should be timely add appropriate lubricating oil, the lubricating oil should be clean, no impurities. Lubricants oil should replace about 2 month, the lifting gear reducer and operating gear reducer must add enough lubricating oil before use.
(9) During use, if find the fault should be cut off the main power in time.
(10) When the wire rope electric hoist does not work, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air, it may cause the parts permanent deformation.
(11) After using, the wire rope electric hoist should stop in the designated safe place. Outdoor hoist should be set rain cover.
(12) Forbidden to press two buttons in the opposite direction at the same time, others can be operated at the same time.

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