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Daily maintenance of cranes lifting equipment
Time:2017-11-23 10:58 The author:Jin Rui

Cranes lifting equipment

crane lifting equipment
Crane lifting equipment is a construction machinery and equipment, need someone to be responsible for maintenance work. The regular crane lifting equipment maintenance work include:
1. Check the crane lifting equipment contactors, controller contacts, no corrosion;
2. Check the brake belt wear, ensure it can not affect the brake sensitivity and force, or may cause the crane lifting equipment damage and personal  casualty;
3. Check the wear and tear of wire rope, when reached the scrapped standard, should replace the new wire rope;
4. Check the crane lifting equipment metal parts main force, ensure there is no plastic deformation, cracks;
5. Check the trolley boom under the chute rail, ensure there is no obvious wear and tear;
6. Check the crane lifting equipment limit switch is sensitive, check its shaft lubrication and waterproofing measures are appropriate;
7. Check the reducer lubricating oil, timely add or replace.

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