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wire rope electric hoist lubricant oil
Time:2018-07-03 17:12 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist

The lubricating parts of wire rope electric hoist should be filled with appropriate amount of lubricating oil in time, and the lubricating oil should be clean and free of other impurities. 
The electric hoist lubricant oil should be replaced once every 2 months. Be sure to add enough lubricating oil to the hoist reducer and the running reducer before using, the oil can be the No. 50 mechanical oil (HJ-50GB443-64). 
The 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t wire rope electric hoist are injected into the lkg, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 3kg, 3kg, 4kg, and the running reducer should be injected with a viscosity of 5.5-7o E50, about 0.3kg lubricating oil is OK.
wire rope electric hoist

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