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Workshop bridge crane brake types
Time:2017-12-13 14:09 The author:Jin Rui

Workshop bridge crane brake

According to different standards, the workshop bridge crane brakes can be divided into different categories. 
Depending on the operation method, brakes can be classified as closed brakes, open brakes and integrated brakes. The most widely used brake on workshop bridge crane is closed brake. Closed brake mechanism usually is closed state, when working the friction of brake will separate, the brake will move.
According to different styling, workshop bridge crane brake can be divided into disc brakes, belt brakes, cone brakes, block brakes, etc.
The brake device function: The brake is an important safety component of the workshop bridge crane. The brake device can prevent the heavy objects from falling during the lifting process, can reduce the speed of the running mechanism and stop the machine, can controll the balance of power and gravity, adjust the run speed.
workshop overhead crane

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