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The electric overhead crane repair
Time:2019-01-11 11:03 The author:Jin Rui

The electric overhead crane

The electric overhead cranes are the most widely used, if the crane fails during use, how can it be overhauled?
(1) First of all, the electric overhead cranes operator on the site should carefully check the phenomenon of the fault and the process of the operation, analyze the reason.
(2) Analyze the parts that may be faulty, find the exact fault according to the drawing.
(3) Check the fault location with the meter, find the fault point and eliminate it.
(4) When the fault is not obvious and cannot be confirmed, electric overhead cranes operator can eliminate step-by-step and point-by-point.
(5) When the fault is not dangerous, can use instantaneous energization to observe the site and the fault location.
(6) After troubleshooting, should re-inspect the devices and connecting wires according to the drawings, confirm is correct.
(7) After electric overhead cranes repair, should test under no-load condition for times, check its fatigue and strength to observe whether the electric overhead cranes can work normally and accurately.
(8) After the no-load experiment of electric overhead cranes is completed, take the load test until the crane can work normally.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane
double overhead crane

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