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The electric hoist parts wire rope requirement
Time:2020-01-14 16:31 The author:Jin Rui
1. The selection of electric hoist's wire rope is very important. Wire contact steel wire rope should be preferred. Its structure should conform to the rope 6 * 37, and its nominal tensile strength should not be lower than 1570mpa.
2. The safety factor of the steel wire rope should not be less than the requirement, and it is also used for safety considerations.
3. When multiple wire ropes support the load, a pulley device should be provided to balance the force of each wire rope to ensure the normal operation of the electric wire rope hoist.
4. When the hook is at the lowest point of the working position, the safety ring of the wire rope on the drum must be no less than 2 turns.
5. When fixing the steel wire rope with a wedge joint, it should meet the relevant regulations of GB / T 5973 to avoid unnecessary hidden dangers.
6. For hoisting electric wire rope hoists for melting metal, effective measures such as anti-radiation heat partitions should be adopted for the wire rope.
wire rope electric hoist

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