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Single Girder Overhead Crane Operation Note
Time:2017-11-09 11:28 The author:Jin Rui

Single Girder Overhead Crane

1. The electric hoist wire rope reach the scrapped standards.
2. The single girder overhead crane hooks, pulleys, drums reach the scrapped standards.
3. The brake torque can not bear the single girder overhead crane rated load.
4. The limit switch is failure.
5. The main force pieces of single girder overhead crane has crack and open welding.
6. The crane main beam elastic deformation or permanent deformation exceeds the repair boundaries.
7. The wheels have cracks, serious eating rail.
8. Electrical zero protection loss function or insulation can not reach the specified value.
9. The single girder overhead crane motor temperature exceeds the specified value.
10. The rotor, resistor loss phase.
11. The are people near the overhead crane (check, repair, etc).
12. If the overhead crane is intalled at open-air, should stop working when the wind reaches six and above.
13. New installation, modification, overhaul overhead crane which is without testing.
14. The track is loose, broken, the end brake loss function.
single girder overhead crane

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