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Overhead crane machine limiter
Time:2017-11-10 11:57 The author:Jin Rui
The overhead crane machine limiter includes two categories, respectively mounted on the lifting mechanism and traveling mechanism. As in single girder overhead crane machine, the up distance limiters can warn as alarm when the overhead crane is rising to the limit, and automatically cut off the power when the limit is reached. When the overhead crane machine descends to the limit position, the descend limiter can warn and automatically cut off the power supply to prevent accidents from occurring due to being too high or too low. 
Another type of limiter are mounted on the traveling mechanism, when the overhead crane machine is traveling to its extreme position, such as approaching a wall or another crane machine, the limiter will give an alarm and shut off the motor to prevent the "collision."
In normal times, shoule strengthen the limiter check, inspection, maintenance to ensure the limiter can be safe and reliable working, particularlly notice, prohibit using the limiter as a stop button.
Overhead crane machine common limiter in addition to limit the limiter, there are weight limiter, torque limiter, amplitude limiter and so on.
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