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Overhead Crane Maintenance and Periodic Inspection
Time:2017-09-12 16:57 The author:Jin Rui

Overhead Crane Maintenance and Periodic Inspection

The Overhead Crane is a kind of material handling machinery, it should regularly check and maintain, at any time find the abnormal condition, process in a timely, to ensure safe operation.


Daily inspection

the Overhead Crane driver is responsible for operations and maintenance, mainly to clean, lubricate, adjusting and fastening. By running to test safety devices sensitive and reliability, make sure there is no abnormal sound.


Weekly review

The weekly review is carried out jointly by maintenance workers and driver, in addition to daily projects, main content is visual inspection. Checking hooks, wire rope, brakes, clutch, emergency alarm device sensitivity and reliability, and according to running to observe transmission parts, make sure there is no abnormal noise and overheating.


Monthly check

Mainly about power system, traveling mechanism, lifting body and mechanism, turning state inspection mechanism, operating mechanism, hydraulic system, replace the parts which is worn, deformative, crack, corroded, Check electrical control systems, feeding device, controller, overload protection, ensure they are reliability and safety. Observe crane structure, bearing, transmission parts, crane machine configuration.


Whole crane inspection

Crane technical parameters test, reliability test, detection equipment, lifting equipment, working body, wear parts and metal structure welding, do the testing and flaw detection, make the schedule of overhauls, modification, update plans.

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