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Overhead Crane Hook Adjust and Repair
Time:2017-09-12 16:39 The author:Jin Rui

Overhead Crane Hook Adjust and Repair

Jinrui crane is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of Overhead Crane crane made in China, Overhead crane also can be named bridge crane, EOT crane, usually used in workshop, warehouse, factory, etc. We supply customized service and cheap price, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Now, we will discuss something about Overhead Crane hook adjustment and repaire.


Hook is the most widely used lifting grab devices, play a important role in lifting job. Hook and pulley make into hook set, and work together with flexible lifting components.


According to the different capacity, Lifting crane machine apply single hook and twin hook. Large capacity bridge cranes use twin hooks, others use single hook.


Ensure the hook can be safe and stable operation, please following the below notes:

1. the factory should manufacture hooks in accordance with technical specifications and safety requirements, the hooks should have the manufacturer's quality certificate.


2. The new hook should be done load testing, hook opening should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening.


3. During using process, should regularly check hooks, make sure there is no cracks, severe deformation, corrosion and wear.


4. Hook test once a year. Tests at 1.25 times rate working load for 10 minutes of static test, and check with a magnifying glass, there should be no cracks, nicks and deformation.


5. Clean the dangerous section with kerosene, use a magnifying glass to see if there is cracks. Hook plate bushing and safety pin should be checked for wear.


6. There is defect repair welding, the hook shall not be on work.


7. Hook must set locking device to prevent accidental decoupling.

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