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Electric bridge crane brake wheel repair
Time:2018-09-14 14:39 The author:Jin Rui

Electric bridge crane brake wheel

The electric bridge crane brake wheel is an important safety device and must ensure safely and reliably. If the surface of the brake wheel is defective, it can be used as long as the defect is within the allowable range, but it needs to be repaired.
If the defect is exceeded and reach the scrapping standard, should replace a new brake wheel.
* According to the relevant industry standards, the surface of brake wheel need keep smooth and flat, no obvious signs of unevenness;
* The surface hardness of brake wheel should reach 400~450HB, and the depth of the quenching layer should be 2~3mm;
* If the thickness of brake wheel is 50% smaller than the original product specification, it should be replaced with a new one;
* When the electric bridge crane brake wheel wear reaches 1.5mm, should be repaired and quenched.
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