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Cleaning of engineering crane hydraulic system
Time:2020-02-15 11:26 The author:Jin Rui

Engineering crane hydraulic system

The hydraulic system provides power for the operating equipment of the engineering crane. Correctly maintaining the hydraulic system is very important to improve the reliability of the crane's operation.
Generally speaking, the hydraulic system is usually flushed before it is officially put into operation. The purpose of flushing is to remove the pollutants, metal filings, fiber compounds, iron cores, etc. remaining in the system. During the first two hours of work, even if there is no damage, the system can also cause a series of failures. Therefore, the following steps should be used to clean the system oil circuit:
1. Clean the fuel tank with an easy-to-dry cleaning solvent, and then use filtered air to remove solvent residues.
2. Clean all the pipes of the system. In some cases, the pipes and joints need to be impregnated.
3. Install an oil filter in the pipeline to protect the valve's oil supply pipeline and pressure pipeline.
4. Install a flushing plate on the current collector to replace precision valves, such as electro-hydraulic servo valves.
5. Check that all pipelines are of the correct size and connected properly.
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