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Affect factor of electric hoist wire rope life
Time:2017-11-14 11:03 The author:Jin Rui
Electric hoist wire rope is a twisted steel wire, commonly used to transmit stress, such as overhead crane hoist used the wire rope to connect the spreader and lifting mechanism. Following is the affect factor of wire rope using life:
1. Manufacturing process
During the wire rope manufacturing process, the quality of the steel wire and the level of twisting process, in essence determines the using life of wire rope. Using high-quality steel ingots, hot-rolled into discs, through several cold drawn then produce the steel wire. Using standard twisting technology to produce wire rope in line with relevant industry standards, make ensure the using life of steel wire rope.
2. The use condition
When using the wire rope, the environment should be consistent with the wire rope environment requirements. Such as, corrosive gas environment, the service life of wire rope will be greatly reduced.
And, should pay attention to minimize wire rope wear. Wire rope wear is divided into internal wear and external wear. 
Internal wear means: during the pulling process, the different wire is on the different force, the stress direction is not consistent, resulting in mutual wear and tear. Adding grease to the wire rope can effectively reduce internal wear.
External wear is caused by friction with heavy objects, floor and other objects, during the use of the wire rope, should avoid direct contact with some sharp edges and corners, can envelop with some soft fabric banding then hoisting, will reduce the external wear, to extend the service life of wire rope.
electric hoist wire rope

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