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1 ton 10 ton 20 ton wire rope electric hoist design
Time:2018-07-13 16:08 The author:Jin Rui

1 ton 10 ton 20 ton wire rope electric hoist

1. Lift height
As a lifting machine, wire rope electric hoist should first select the height of lifting weight according to the height of your factory, such as 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m. special places can be designed according to user requirements.
2. Lifting speed
Generally, the lifting speed of wire rope electric hoist is divided into single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8m/min). If there is no special request, single speed electric hoist (ie CD1 type) is often used. If accurate positioning is required, should be better to use two-speed electric hoist (MD1 type). Under normal conditions, the lifting speed depends on the required working efficiency.
3. Motor power
Different wire rope electric hoists use different motors, ie. the same 10t wire rope electric hoist motor may be 13KW or 7.5KW.
4. Voltage
Wire rope electric hoist can be used in various industries, so the wire rope electric hoist adopts different voltages, including 380V, 220V, 440V, 50HZ, 60HZ and other non-standard power supplies.
5. Installation method
The wire rope electric hoist is divided into electric trolley type and fixed type, the fixed type can be divided into upper fixed and lower fixed. The wire rope electric hoist can be selected according to the actual use.
wire rope electric hoist

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