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What caused the Outdoor gantry crane accidents?
Time:2017-11-30 09:48 The author:Jin Rui

Outdoor gantry crane accidents

There are many reasons for the Outdoor gantry crane accident, which needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation. Outdoor gantry crane accidents can be divided into three categories: environmental factors, operation factors and equipment factors.
1. Environmental factors
In the event of lightning, typhoon, earthquakes and other natural disasters, will make the Outdoor gantry crane derail, rollover and other safety incidents; narrow spaces, more equipment and crowded, irregular layout, resulting in extrusion, collision accident; The work site is poorly lit or has a poor view of the scene, lead to crash accident.
2. Operating factors
Lifting method is not correct, decoupling cause heavy objects fall AND wound the personnel; illegal operation, such as overloading, lifting heavy objects directly overhead from the people head; brake, stopper does not meet the safety fixed, resulting in over hoisting, derailment and other safety ACCIDENT.
3. Equipment factors
Electrical damage, ground protection is not proper lead to occurrence of electric shock; gnawing rails, rail derailment cause derailment; hook, grab and wire rope damage, rupture lead to heavy objects fall AND wound the personnel; operating system, safety device is failure; the force parts do not achieve safety standards.
outdoor gantry crane

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