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Wire rope electric hoist fault handling
Time:2017-11-29 10:40 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist is a light and small crane lifting machinery and equipment, can be used alone, can also be mounted on overhead cranes, gantry cranes for heavy lifting. Are widely used for lifting, loading and unloading heavy objects in construction, electricity, metallurgy, mining and other occasions.
When the wire rope electric hoist find failure, need to combine the specific fault repair. Common faults and the reasons are as follows:
1. After starting the motor, wire rope electric hoist can not lift heavy objects
Reason: More than the rated load, the voltage is lower than the rated working voltage, the motor lock chamber and so on.
2. The brake is not reliable
Cause: The brake ring is worn out, there is oil on the brake surface, the brake ring is not tightened, the spring is tired or the coupling is stuck and so on.
3. Start the motor, the motor carry out buzzing sound
Cause: The AC contactor does not connect well or the power supply lack of phase.
4. The motor temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature
Reasons: overloading, frequent operation more than electric hoist work intensity, brake clearance is too small and so on.

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