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Wire rope electric hoist main structure
Time:2018-02-26 16:10 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist main structure
Reducer, lifting motor, running motor, limit switch, cable slide, reel device, hook device, coupling, current drawer and so on, the wire rope electric hoist set the power and braking force in one.
Reducer: Adopt three-stage fixed-axis helical gear rotating mechanism, gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel, the body, lid are made of high quality cast iron, tight assembly, good seal,  assemble and disassemble is extremely convenient.
Control box: The device can cut off the main circuit in case of emergency and protect the fire stopper with the up and down limit switch, ensure the wire rope electric hoist safe operation. Long service life, reliable operation.
Rope: adopt GB1102-74 (6 * 37 + 1) X-type lifting wire rope to ensure durability.
Cone motor: wire rope electric hoist lifting motor uses the larger starting torque tapered rotor brake asynchronous motor, no need external brake. Motor load sustained rate is 25%, the motor uses B or Class F insulation, protection class IP44 / IP54.
Button switch: light and flexible operation, rope control and wireless remote control in two ways.
wire rope electric hoist

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