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Wire rope electric hoist for sale
Time:2019-09-20 11:34 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist

The wire rope electric hoist can be divided into two types: running type and fixed type, that is, the difference is the traveling trolley. The fixed wire rope electric hoist is more widely used than running electric hoist, and the running wire rope electric hoist is used on the I-beam, bridge crane, gantry crane and other single beam crane, the assembly is simple.
The wire rope electric hoist has the advantages of small size, light weight and low noise. The gear housing is made of cast steel. It is anti-collision and will not be damaged by light impact. The motor casing has good heat dissipation and effectively enhances the service life of the motor. Due to its outstanding performance characteristics, it has been widely used in many engineering projects.
If the wire rope electric hoist parts are worn out and scrapped, must immediately stop using new ones, such as wire ropes, hooks, brake pads, rope guides, etc. Must not use the electric hoist lifting with "faulty".
wire rope electric hoist

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