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Why electric eot crane motor can't work
Time:2019-01-08 10:35 The author:Jin Rui

Electric eot crane motor

To know why electric eot crane motor can't work, first need to know how the motor works. The motor is usually composed of stator, rotor, end cover, and bearing. Electric eot crane motors usually work according to the physical principle of electromagnetic induction. The mutual movement between the rotor magnetic field of the generator and stator windings can realize the conversion of mechanical energy and electrical energy.
In theory and in fact, there are many reasons why electric eot crane motors can not generate electricity. In summary, there are problems such as connection errors, damage, poor contact, and rust in the internal parts of motor.
The more common causes of electric eot crane motors failing to generate electricity include: incorrect wiring or disconnection of the circuit, low motor rotate speed, loose wiring screws, sludge or impurities in the wiring terminals, the stator winding disconnection, broken or poor contact of motor excitation circuit, damaged electronic components such as rectifier diode, insufficient brush pressure or poor contact, rust or stuck shift of brush, wrong direction of rotation of crane generator prime mover, polarity connection of line reverse.
In addition, if the electric eot crane is idle for a long time, the motor may have the rotor loss problem that causes the motor to lose excitation voltage and thus cannot generate electricity. Therefore, if the electric eot crane is idle for a long time, it is best to magnetize the generator rotor before it is activated.
Single girder eot crane
single girder eot crane

Double girder eot crane
double girder eot crane

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