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Why don't electric hoists use single-phase motor?
Time:2019-11-19 15:37 The author:Jin Rui

Why don't electric hoists use single-phase motor?

Electric hoists are generally used in industry, while industrial commonly use three-phase power, but some small equipment is expected to use single-phase power supply, single-phase motor technology still has certain obstacles.
1. Compared with the same power motor, the single-phase motor is more expensive than the three-phase motor, and the volume is larger than the three-phase motor;
2. Lifting is a potential energy load, and it needs a large starting torque to ensure that it does not slip when it is lifted, and the single-phase electric motor starting torque is small, which is not suitable for use as a lifting motor;
3. Three-phase motors are easy to achieve control, but the single-phase electric motors must be stopped before they can be converted;
4. The single-phase motor relies on the capacitor to realize control, which will form a large current impact during the startup or operation phase, which will easily burn the motor and damage the capacitor and cable;
5. Single-phase motor can not meet the torque characteristics of the start-up, nor can it meet the process requirements of frequent forward and reverse, not suitable for heavy use and poor performance.
Wire rope electric hoist
wire rope electric hoist

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