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What is the reason for the electric hoist decoupling?
Time:2019-11-15 16:08 The author:Jin Rui

The reason for the electric hoist decoupling

If the electric hoist is unhooked during use, the consequences will be very serious. Let's analyze the cause of the decoupling phenomenon today.
1. The quality of the electric hoist hook is too poor, the strength and toughness are not up to the requirements, and severe deformation or breakage occurs during use;
2. The electric hoist is seriously overloaded, causing the hook of the electric hoist to gradually deform until it breaks, and the decoupling occurs;
3. The electric hoist has been used for a long time, and the hook has experienced serious wear and tear, and there is a situation of decoupling;
4. The hook is severely corroded, causing its strength to change and its load-bearing capacity to decrease, thereby increasing the possibility of breakage.
electric hoist

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