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What are the maintenance of wire rope
Time:2019-08-02 15:10 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope maintenance

Wire rope is a spiral steel wire bundle which is made of steel wire according to certain rules and meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometrical dimensions, it consists of steel wire, rope core and grease, high strength, light weight, stable operation and reliable work, not easy to break, in the material handling machinery for lifting, traction, tension and load, to be more maintenance and to make it more durable.
When loading, unloading, transporting and rolling the steel wire ropes, special handling tools must be used to prevent the surface of the wire rope from being collided. It is strictly forbidden to roll on the uneven ground, the surface of wire rope should not be stuck with stones or clay that affect the use. The wire rope should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.
The lubrication of the wire rope
During the using, the wire rope should be regularly lubricated to ensure rust-proof and lubrication, reduce friction and extend the service life of the wire rope.
wire rope

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