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What are the crane equipment safety devices?
Time:2019-09-03 15:25 The author:Jin Rui

Crane equipment safety devices

Crane equipment are lifting and handling equipment with high efficiency and high danger. In order to ensure the safety of the operation, safety devices must be equipped on the crane equipment in accordance with the relevant safety technical standards, and the safety devices should be inspected regularly to ensure that the safety devices are sensitive and reliable. Common safety devices are:
1. Lowering limit position limiter;
2. Wind speed wind level alarm;
3. Rising limit position limiter;
4. Rail clamps, anchoring devices, iron shoes;
5. Conductive sliding wire protection board;
6. Interlocking protection device;
7. Operating limit position limiter;
8. Track end stop;
9. Buffer;
10. Overload limiter.
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