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Welding deformation of electric bridge crane
Time:2019-10-18 11:52 The author:Jin Rui

Electric bridge crane welding

Electric bridge cranes are lifting equipment that handles materials in the workshop, warehouse and stockyard, are widely used in engineering and production.
Because the cross-sectional shape of the electric bridge crane is a typical box-shaped beam structure, it has many welds, complicated structure, and large welding stress. If the design and construction process plan is not reasonable, there will be deformation during the welding process, which will seriously affect the welding quality.
Welding deformation mainly includes shrinkage deformation (longitudinal shrinkage and lateral shrinkage), bending deformation, angular deformation, wave deformation, distortion and other types, which are reflected in the external structure of the electric bridge crane to show local bulging, bending and distortion.
These problems may occur during the welding process for a number of reasons, such as the size of the weld is not sufficiently accurate; the number of welds does not meet the predetermined standards; there is a large error in the position of the weld and the position of the design; the thermal physical properties of welding material are not strong; the construction process is not conducive to achieving the best welding state; the selection of welding parameters, etc. Each specific link must be carefully grasped to achieve the desired results.
electric bridge crane

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