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The types of gantry cranes
Time:2019-08-30 15:45 The author:Jin Rui

Gantry cranes types

The gantry crane belongs to the type of deformation of the bridge crane, can be divided by purpose into:
Ordinary gantry cranes: ordinary gantry cranes are box-type and truss-type in structure, and are widely used. Compared to ordinary cranes, ordinary gantry cranes with grabs are of a higher level.
Hydropower station gantry cranes: are mainly used for lifting and opening and closing gates, and can be used for installation. Hydropower station gantry cranes are heavy duty, have a relatively high level of work.
Shipbuilding gantry cranes: are generally used to assemble hulls, they are equipped with two lifting trolleys for turning over the components of large hulls. The lifting capacity is as small as 100 tons and as much as 1,500 tons.
Container gantry cranes: are generally used in container terminals, and can be speed up the turnover of container carriers or other cranes, which are high-level cranes.
double girder gantry crane

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