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The safety protection for overhead bridge cranes
Time:2018-08-31 15:40 The author:Jin Rui

Overhead bridge cranes safety protection

In order to protect the safety of the overhead bridge cranes, the overhead bridge cranes will be equipped with safety protection devices, the safety protection devices can disconnect the power supply in case of failure to avoid personal safety accidents and equipment damage.
Common overhead bridge cranes safety protection devices and their functions:
1. Circuit breaker: when the main circuit is short-circuited, it can immediately disconnect the main circuit to prevent the current from excessively impacting the electrical components.
2. Thermal relay: when the motor is overheated, it can disconnect the motor power in time.
3. Zero voltage relay: can prevent undervoltage of the circuit.
4. Fuse: when the control circuit is short-circuited, it can disconnect the power.
5. Limit switch: can avoid damage to the machine when the overhead bridge cranes are lifting and traveling beyond the rated distance.
The requirements for overhead bridge cranes safety device are protected within the required range, and the action is sensitive, rapid, safe and reliable. In addition to the above protective device, it also includes switchboards, reverse connectors, overcurrent overloaders and the like.
overhead bridge cranes

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