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The outdoor gantry crane rail clamp
Time:2019-10-09 16:36 The author:Jin Rui

Outdoor gantry crane rail clamp

The outdoor gantry crane rail clamp is a safety device that prevents the outdoor gantry crane from sliding or collapsing under strong wind. The rail clamp can lock the gantry crane on the track, including mechanical clamp clamp, hydraulic pump station and automatic control cabinet. Under the premise of not changing the operation of the original machine, the PLC system is used to automatically control the movement and stop of the gantry crane travel mechanism, the opening and braking of the brake, the opening and clamping of the rail clamp, and improve the stability and security of the whole outdoor gantry crane.
The rail clamp is divided into manual and electric. The manual rail clamp is generally screw type, simple in structure, but has small clamping force and slow movement, and is mainly used for small and medium-sized or temporary cranes. 
Large outdoor ganty cranes mainly use electric rail clamps. It is caused by the weight of the clamp clamping the rail by the lever or the spring, and the clamp is released by the cylinder force in the hydraulic system. The heavy hammer type is cumbersome, has a large outer shape, and the clamping force is smaller than that of the spring type, and the work stability is not as good as the spring type.
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