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The elasticity of the crane equipment sling
Time:2019-10-15 15:34 The author:Jin Rui

The elasticity of crane equipment sling

The sling is the main load-bearing component of the crane equipment, so it needs to have elasticity. Usually the crane equipment sling is the wire rope, and if the elasticity of the wire rope is small, it will make the use unsafe.
1. Observe the rope diameter of the wire rope.
Each wire rope has its specified rope diameter. If the rope diameter is reduced, it indicates that the wire rope is elongated, which will reduce the elasticity.
2. The details of the wire rope.
Generally, the wire rope is composed of a plurality of strands, and under normal circumstances, there are gaps in front of each strand, and if the gap is found to be reduced, the surface elasticity becomes small.
The elastic change of the wire rope is accompanied by the bending of the wire rope or the decrease of the diameter. The wire rope may break during use. The user should make daily mantenance and then perform certain maintenance work on the wire rope according to the situation.
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