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The crane equipment operating procedures
Time:2019-09-27 11:47 The author:Jin Rui

The crane equipment operating

The crane equipment operating procedures are as follows:

1. Mark the maximum lifting capacity at the obvious position on the crane equipment. It is forbidden to lift heavy objects exceeding the rated load.


2. Crane equipment should be equipped with safety protection device as required, such as overload limiters, limiter switch, interlock switches, etc.


3. During the operation, must follow the command, should stop the operation if the signal is unknown and may cause an accident.


4. When crane equipment lifting, it is strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects from the top of the person's head.


5. The crane equipment regular maintenance should be carried out in accordance with relevant safety technical standards.


6. Crane operators and commanders are required to have an operating permit.


7. When lifting heavy objects, the operation speed should be stable. It is forbidden to operate too fast, suddenly brake, change direction, etc.

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