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The Lantern Festival
Time:2018-03-02 16:04 The author:Jin Rui

The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival, the original meaning was "Night of Shangyuan Festival", the night of middle lunar January, the main activity is eating sweet dumplings, so can alos be called as "Yuanxiao Festival".
On the night of the Lantern Festival, the streets and lanes are full of colors and lanterns, people enjoy the lantern show, guess the riddles, dragon dance, lion dance, etc. They push the celebrations extended from the New Year's Eve to another climax, become the generations customs. 
In the early, the Lantern Festival only called the first lunar January 15th, began from the Han Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. Since the Sima Qian created the "Taichu calendar", the Lantern Festival has been identified as a major festival. After the Sui Dynasty, known as YuanXi or YuanYe. In the early Tang Dynasty, influenced by Taoism, also known as ShangYuan, late Tang Dynasty, is even known as the YuanXiao. However, since the Song Dynasty, also is said Lantern Evening. To the Qing Dynasty, degan to called Lantern Festival.
lantern festival

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