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Single girder overhead traveling crane advantages
Time:2018-03-05 11:13 The author:Jin Rui

Single girder overhead traveling crane

Single girder overhead traveling crane has many advantages to ensure long-lasting high quality; the overhead traveling crane end beam adopts torsion box structure; use the rigid I-beam or welded box beam as the main beam; due to the unique design of the end beam, the hook limit size is small and work coverage is large, heavy objects can be quickly lifted to the wall near the factory location, almost no dead area.
Jinrui crane single girder overhead traveling crane is in accordance with international standards of quality requirements, pure materials, materials sufficient, with the whole process assurance. When delivery, the packaging is export standard wooden packaging, choose the large logistics company, transportation time is guaranteed, also can effectively avoid transport damage.
Single girder overhead traveling cranes are guaranteed for 2 years. If there are any quality problems during the warranty period, our company will pay for all the repairs and expenses, provide free technical consultation, guide the equipment debugging and product-related problems.
overhead traveling crane

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