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Single girder bridge cranes applications
Time:2018-11-27 10:47 The author:Jin Rui

Single girder bridge cranes

The single girder bridge cranes are the lifting devices those are connected at both ends to a tall concrete column or metal bracket and shaped like a bridge, the single girder bridge cranes can be used in the workshop, material yard and warehouse midair to lift heavy objects.
The single girder bridge crane is placed on the steel frame track in the air, and the two ends of the beam can move longitudinally along the track on the elevated frame, can use the space below to carry out the lifting work of the materials, and avoids the influence of obstacles on the ground. Due to the advantages of single girder bridge crane, it has become one of the most extensive and numerous lifting equipment.
What are the general applications of single girder bridge cranes?
These include indoor and outdoor factory warehouses, material yards, metallurgical steelmaking, railway transportation construction, port handling and logistics turnover, etc., which have become indispensable tools in modern industrial production and lifting, transportation, have realized mechanization and automatic handling to a certain extent, which has improved efficiency and reduced the burden on workers.
single girder bridge crane

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