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Safety operation of floor mounted jib crane
Time:2018-11-02 11:17 The author:Jin Rui

Floor mounted jib crane

Floor mounted jib crane is a new type of lifting machine, it uses the principle of balance to carry out object lifting and component assembly. Floor mounted jib crane is simple operation, simple maintenance, and can be controlled by electric and manually. The safety procedures for floor mounted jib cranes are as follows:
1. Before using the floor mounted jib cranes, must be familiar with the performance and structure of the equipment before operation;
2. Before the operation, check the mechanical and electrical parts of floor mounted jib cranes, check whether the safety device is sensitive and reliable, check whether the support is firm, and check that the wire rope and hook are not damaged before be used;
3. Regularly check the oil quantityadd lubricating oil of the same specification,  ;
4. When the lifting article reaches or is close to the rated load, it should be tested and hoisted, and the lifting weight should be suspended from the ground at a height of 0.1m;
5. Check the hanging and the braking is reliable before continuing the operation;
6. It is forbidden to lift the objects too fast and prohibit the diagonally inclined lifting;
7. It is forbidden to overload or weight that cannot be assessed;
8. Lifting the workpiece with angular edges, it is necessary to use cloth or other pad to cover the corner to lift;
9. After the operation is completed, it is necessary to place the hook and the lifting arm at the set position and disconnect the power supply;
10. After disconnect the power supply, should clean the debris around the floor mounted jib crane.
free standing jib crane

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