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Requirements for crane machine assembly work
Time:2020-03-24 14:57 The author:Jin Rui

Crane machine assembly work 

1. When assembling, check the shape and dimensional accuracy of the parts related to the assembly, check for deformation and damage, and pay attention to various marks on the parts to prevent misassembly;
2. No gaps are allowed for fixedly connected components. The moving parts can move flexibly and uniformly in the specified direction under normal clearance, and there should be no jump;
3. The contact surfaces of all moving parts must be adequately lubricated, and if there is an oil circuit, they must be unblocked;
4. There must be no leakage after assembly of various pipes and sealing parts;
5. Before the test run, check the reliability of the connection and the flexibility of the movement, ensure the control handles are flexible and is in a suitable position;
6. The test run shoule be carried out gradually from low speed to high speed.
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