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Reduce the noise of electric hoist
Time:2019-12-24 16:31 The author:Jin Rui

Reduce the electric hoist noise

The electric hoist noise has become an invisible pollution, improper use or the equipment itself can cause noise during use. The following methods can reduce the noise of electric hoists.
1. Requirements for high-speed gear processing accuracy: The technical conditions stipulate that the gear accuracy of the gear reducer of the electric hoist lifting mechanism should not be lower than the 8-8-7 level in GB10095.
2. Increasing the gear tooth stiffness of high-speed gears: Increasing the gear tooth stiffness can reduce its elastic deformation and reduce the gear meshing impact force. Increasing the gear modulus can significantly increase the stiffness of the gear teeth, which is simple and feasible.
3. Use a motor with as many poles as possible: Selecting a motor with multiple poles can reduce gear noise and motor noise at the same time, which is beneficial to reducing the noise of electric hoists. However, due to many factors and certain design requirements, this choice is often impossible.
4. Demand for the motor: The noise level of the motor should be more than 5dB lower than the total noise level of the electric hoist.
wire rope electric hoist

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