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Pre-use inspection of electric hoist wire rope
Time:2019-10-12 16:16 The author:Jin Rui

Inspection of electric hoist wire rope

In the process of using the electric hoist, the role of the wire rope is mainly to lift the cargo. The wire rope generally adopts GB1102-74 (6*37+1) X-type lifting wire rope. Before using the electric hoist, should carafully check the wire rope to ensure the safety of the electric hoist.
The wire rope checking should be from two aspects:
First, the overall inspection
Mainly to observe whether the wire ropes are arranged neatly. Before lifting the heavy objects, the wire ropes need to be kept in a vertical state, and there should be no distortion or knotting.
Second, the details check
Mainly to observe whether the wire rope is worn, rusted, wire drawn, etc., which is not conducive to the safety of the operation. Determine whether the condition of the wire rope can be lifted. If wear seriously, it must be replaced with a new wire rope.
Remember that if the wire rope is worn and scrapped, must immediately stop using the new wire rope and do not allow the electric hoist to work with the faults.
wire rope electric hoist

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