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Overhead traveling crane production processes
Time:2018-03-07 11:06 The author:Jin Rui

Overhead traveling crane

Overhead traveling crane is a bridge lifting crane running on the overhead track, also known as bridge crane, EOT crane. Overhead traveling crane beam longitudinal run along the track on both sides, the lifting trolley run laterally along the track laid on the bridge beam to form a rectangular work area, can take full usage of the space under the bridge to lift material, not obstructed by ground equipment.
Jinrui crane machinery Co., Ltd. has its own new technology, new product development center, with various types of processing equipment 1200 sets, can be completed independently cutting, milling, planing, grinding, drawing, boring, rolling, drilling, stamping, bending, coil, plug welding, testing and heat treatment and other overhead traveling cranes, gantry crane production of all the processes.
Jinrui crane machinery Co., Ltd. can customize special cranes for customers, we have specialized technical team, as long as provide the crane parameters you need, such as span, capacity, etc., we will custom design according to your actual needs, meet the demand while reduce costs.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane
Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane

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