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Overhead bridge crane lifting dangerous chemicals precaution
Time:2018-02-28 16:20 The author:Jin Rui

Overhead bridge crane

Overhead bridge crane is a lifting transport machinery to lift a wide range of different goods, there is a corresponding operation rules, specially for flammable, explosive and other dangerous chemicals, such as explosives, liquid hydrogen tanks, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant specifications and hoisting operations requirements, and note the following:
1. Overhead bridge cranes which is used for lifting dangerous chemicals must meet the special requirements of dangerous chemicals lifting operation and explosion-proof performance.
2. In the process of lifting dangerous goods, Overhead bridge cranes should be kept smooth operation, soothing, gently and avoid excessive movements, shaking and other volatile operations.
3. The dangerous chemicals should be fully protective to avoid leakage due to banding loose, packing unsafe in the lifting operations.
4. The overhead bridge crane operators should be properly protected against the dangers of dangerous chemicals, such as wearing safety shields that can isolate toxic gases and wearing insulation equipment.
5. Relevant department should prepare the corresponding safety equipment (fire extinguisher, cordon, escape route, etc.), emergency plans and measures.
overhead bridge crane

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