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Manual chain hoist safety technology
Time:2018-01-24 10:50 The author:Jin Rui

Manual chain hoist

Hand chain hoist is a simple to use, easy to carry manual lifting machinery, also known as "manual chain hoist" or "manual chain block". It is suitable for small equipment and short-distance lifting of goods, the lifting capacity is generally not more than 100T.
1. The operator must examine each component and parts in detail, including each link of the chain, can be used only when the condition is good and shall not be overloaded.
2. The lifting chain requires to vertical hang heavy objects.
3. When pull the chain, must keep the chain direction and sprocket in the same plane, no cable-stayed.
4. The pulling force must be smooth, when it is found driving difficulties, must promptly check the reasons, shall not be hard to pull, not allowed to add force to avoid damage chain or pin.
5. When use the tripod, the triangle must keep relative spacing, between the legs should contact with rope.
6. Lifting height shall not exceed the standard value to prevent the chain pull off the pin, causing an accident.
manual chain hoist

lever hoist

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