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LD single girder overhead crane for sale
Time:2018-10-30 11:29 The author:Jin Rui

LD single girder overhead crane

The LD single girder overhead crane is a common lifting machine and is usually used with CD and MD electric hoists. This type of crane design standard complies with the provisions of JB/T1306-1994. The main parameters are:
1. Lifting capacity: 1~16t;
2. Span: 7.5~22.5m;
3. Working environment: temperature -25 ° C ~ +40 ° C, no corrosive gases, no strong acid and alkali corrosion environment;
4. Applicable occasions: LD single girder overhead crane is a kind of industrial crane machines, which is suitable for manufacturing workshops, warehouses, material yards, etc., the use degree is low and the lifting times of rated load is small;
5. Advantages and disadvantages: the single girder overhead crane is simple to operate, easy to maintain, low manufacturing costs; the lack is that its work level is low, can only be used in some occasions where the work duty is low, and the operation is more swaying, the headroom is lower;
6. The operation mode: including ground pendant control, operating room control and remote control;
7. Model indicates: if the lifting weight is 5t, the span is 16m, the lifting height is 7m, the working level is A3, and the closed operating room, the single girder overhead crane model is expressed as LD5167BSA3 (KS indicates open operating room, BS indicates closed operating room).
single girder overhead crane

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