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Inspection of crane machine operating mechanism
Time:2020-03-13 15:08 The author:Jin Rui

Crane machine operating mechanism

1. Always check the parallelism, levelness and cleanliness of the crane machine trolley track, and pay attention to repairing local damage and deformation of the track;
2. Maintain the level and cleanliness of the crane running track to ensure the flatness error of the left and right tracks;
3. Always check and tighten the fixing bolts of each reducer;
4. Always check and adjust the brakes, especially the tightness of the two brake springs on the left and right of the crane machine, and the gap between the brake shoes and the brake wheels should be adjusted equally;
5. Always check the lubrication status of each reducer, and use grease lubrication as much as possible;
6. Select a reducer with good torsion resistance and large base diameter.
crane machine

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