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How to choose the suitable material lifting crane?
Time:2019-01-04 10:59 The author:Jin Rui

The suitable material lifting crane?

Purchase the material lifting cranes requires careful selection. Suitable material lifting cranes not only save investment costs, but also are safe and reliable. Choose the suitable material lifting crane, must depend on the specific conditions of the items being loaded and the specific use environment.
1. Large lifting capacity and frequent use.
Such as prefabricated plants, the work of material lifting crane is almost no break! High quality cranes are preferred for such mines and factory. Although it is more expensive, it is durable and safe, guaranteeing your production. Reducing costs, neglecting the quality of products, and frequent repairs afterwards, affecting production.
2. Large load, but not used frequently.
The products of enterprises with good quality reputation can be selected. Although the lifting capacity is large, the using is not frequently, and the common material lifting crane of good quality can withstand this work.
3. Small load,  and the use is not frequent.
The price can be taken as an important consideration. Which kind of material lifting crane is cheaper to buy, that can guarantee the use and save production costs.
4. The load is small, but it is used frequently.
Can base on the financial situation of the company, but don't just pay attention to the price, because the material lifting cranes are frequently used, the “cheap” cranes may “hang up” after a period of time.
Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane

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single girder gantry crane

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