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How to choose the lifting wire rope?
Time:2019-11-26 15:13 The author:Jin Rui
In lifting accessories, the wire rope is more important. It has many uses and many types. So lifting accessories wire ropes are selected according to the application:
1. Lifting molten or hot metal wire rope should use high temperature resistant wire rope such as asbestos core.
2. Galvanized steel wire rope should be used in the environment of open air, humidity, and corrosion.
3. The wire rope of the lifting equipment that passes around the sheaves and the hoisting accessories reel mechanism should preferably be a wire contact rope.
4. For cranes with large lifting or multi-layer winding of wire ropes for lifting equipment, right-handed twisted wire ropes that do not rotate and have no loose tendency should be used.
5. Where acid resistance is required, lead-plated wire rope should be used.
6. Most of the crane machine ropes are 37-per-share wire ropes with point contact.
7. Most of the binding ropes are Ⅱ grade ropes with low toughness.
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