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How to check the electric hoist contactor
Time:2019-12-17 16:06 The author:Jin Rui

The electric hoist contactor

1. The contact area of ​​the magnet of the electric hoist contactor should be greater than 75%. The magnet of the contactor must not be skewed or blocked, and the magnet surface must be kept clean. At the same time, the short-circuit ring is intact and the magnet is free from intense noise.
2. Calculation method for contact pressure of lifting electric hoist contactor:
Final contact pressure Fz = 22.0.5 · le / 100 (Le: Rated current)
Contact initial pressure Fe = 0.5Fz
3. Interlocking contact overtravel is 2-4mm, pressure is 1.3-2.5N.
4. When the copper drip hole is filed on the contact, the contact is ground, the mechanical strength is insufficient or the overstroke reaches the specified value, replace the new contact.
5. The contact width of the contactor should be greater than 3/4.
6. The arc extinguishing cover is intact, without contact, and the arc extinguishing coil is not short-circuited.
7. The contact should maintain sufficient opening distance and over travel.
8. Simultaneous contact of one contact, that is, the contact deviation does not exceed 0.5mm.
9. It is required that the lifting electric hoist contactor is light and flexible, and the bearing needs to be lubricated frequently.
10. Anyway, the mechanical interlocking device of the contactor should be adjusted properly. When one contactor contact will come into contact, the contactor of the other contactor is not closed, and the gap is not less than 3mm.
11. Keep the wire ends not loose and not burned, tighten the screws tightly, and keep the insulation parts clean.
electric hoist

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