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Failure and cause of crane machine operating mechanism
Time:2020-03-06 11:05 The author:Jin Rui

Crane machine operating mechanism

* Crane machine trolley operating mechanism often suffers from poor braking, and sometimes cannot stop at a certain position;
* The fixing bolt of the reducer base is loose;
* The internal components of the reducer are damaged due to poor lubrication;
* During the braking process of the large vehicle operating mechanism, the crane machine generates severe vibration and vibration noise;
* The fixing bolt of the reducer is loose and the internal components are damaged;
* The buffer system of the operation limit device is damaged.
1. The effect of running inertia force when starting or braking;
2. The driver's illegal operation or misoperation;
3. The lubrication of the reducer is insufficient or the lubrication is poor due to other reasons;
4. The left and right brake mechanisms of the crane machine operating mechanism are unbalanced, and the left and right braking torques during the braking process can cause side torsion and vibration.
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