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Electric hoist simple maintenance manual
Time:2018-12-04 10:37 The author:Jin Rui

Electric hoist operation

Electric hoist is an important lifting equipment, can be divided into manual type and electric type according to different operating modes. When transporting goods for short distances, we usually need a hand-operated hoist. In order to make the electric hoist safer and more reliable, should be carefully taken during daily use.
After the operation, the electric hoist must be cleaned up, and the anti-rust grease should be covered in a ventilated and dry environment; thus, the electric hoist can be effectively prevented from being corroded and rusted.
If there is a malfunction during using, do not disassemble to repair by yourself, please ask the professional maintenance personnel repair it. The key gears, bearings and other components should be lubricated.
After the electric hoist has been cleaned and repaired, it should be carried out with no-load testing to ensure that everything is normal before it can be put into normal operation.
Since the brakes and other devices are important safety devices, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning work during the maintenance and repair process to avoid the safety accident caused by the failure of the brake failure.
wire rope electric hoist

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