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Electric eot crane running track check
Time:2019-11-22 16:52 The author:Jin Rui
Before using the electric eot crane, it is necessary to inspect the running track to ensure that there is no problem between the two, to make ensure the smooth lifting of the lifting work.
1. Track inspection
* Tread cleanliness: no adhesion, no large amounts of dust.
* Tilt: no more than 1/1000.
* Joints: There shall be no cracks in the welds and tracks, and the offset between the upper and lower sides shall not exceed 1 mm. The connecting plate and the backing plate are not displaced, defective or peeled off.
* Wear condition: The tread wear amount is not more than 10% of the original size, and the width wear amount is not more than 5% of the original size.
2. Wheel inspection
* Rim: The wear of the rim thickness shall not exceed 50% of the original thickness, and the total lateral clearance of the rim and track shall be less than 50% of the width of the wheel tread.
* Tread: The amount of wear measured according to the diameter of the tread should be less than 5% of the original size. The difference in the diameter of the tread should be less than 1% of the nominal diameter, and the difference in roundness should be less than 0.8mm.
* Wheel appearance: Check for cracks and damage.

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