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Electric crane machine check and record
Time:2019-08-13 16:14 The author:Jin Rui

Electric crane machine

Electric crane machine should regular mechanical tests and are passed, and the records are complete.
1. Wire rope inspection: Whether the wire rope is normally wound on the reel. The wire rope has no kinks, the wire rope has no burns, no obvious loose strands, no serious wear, corrosion, defects, the broken wires should not exceed the standard, and there is no complete strand break. If have, should be replaced immediately.
2. The hook has no crack or deformation, the bearing rotation is flexible and smooth, and the hook nut locking device is good.
3. The pulley rotates smoothly and flexibly, the wheel groove has no obvious wear, and the rim is complete and free from defects.
4. Electrical equipment system insulation resistance qualified (≥ 0.5MΩ), and there should be regular measurement records.
5. Electrical equipment has a reliable protection ground (zero).
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double girder gantry crane
Single girder overhead crane
electric crane machine

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