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Electric chain hoist design
Time:2018-07-10 10:03 The author:Jin Rui

Electric chain hoist

The electric chain hoist is the most popular light crane lifting product. It has been expanding in recent years, and the market development value and advantages are constantly improving.
The electric chain hoist is clean and tidy, has a chain bag. The chain bag is equipped with anti-rust oil. When not using, put the chain into the chain bag to prevent the chain from rusting.
The electric chain hoist is safe to use, has excellent quality, long life and high efficiency.
The electric chain hoist does not have a center of gravity displacement during the lifting process of the operation, especially suitable for using in the lifting operation of restaurants, warehouses.
In addition to the fixed suspension, the electric chain hoist can also be equipped with hand trolley or electric trolley.
The electric chain hoist can be used in the production line, assembly line, disassembly machine, logistics and other occasions of modern industrial industries such as mechanical production, electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial areas.

Hook or trolley electric chain hoist
electric chain hoist

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