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Double girder bridge crane maintenance
Time:2018-11-06 11:22 The author:Jin Rui

Double girder bridge crane

The maintenance procedure for electric double girder bridge cranes is:
1. The number of wire ropes and hooks should not be checked less than once a week, and the rope head should be fastened;
2. Regularly check the wear of reel, pulley groove, there must be no problems such as cracks and falling blocks;
3. Regularly check whether the track connection is tight, ensure that there is no loose or open welding at the fixed point;
4. Check whether the brake action is sensitive and reliable, and check the wear condition of the brake wheel;
5. Check the bearing seal condition;
6. Check the lubrication of the contactor, control contact and cam roller;
7. Check the lubrication of all the lubrication parts, ensure the double girder bridge cranes maintains a good lubrication state;
8. Check if the pin is fixed and the lubrication is good;
9. Regular clean, remove dirt from the double girder bridge cranes;
10. Check the reducer, ensure no oil leakage problems.
double girder bridge crane

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